Ahh today. This morning I woke up at 10 min to 5am to a crazy cat clawing at my nose and purring violently into my ear. I think that she was hungry because it went on for quite a while. Being the bringer of food to our cats has it advantages, they will stay in bead and cuddle with me when Miranda gets up in the morning, they give me all kinds of love and affection because they are interested in eating, But when they are getting demanding and waking me up in the middle of the night it can be quite the pain in the ass I wasn’t able to get back to sleep but what sleep I did have was quite pleasant there was hardly any bar noise last night but I think it was because the had the music off as apposed to any changes to the ceiling. I could still hear the bathroom stalls and people talking and what not. The guy gave me a call the other day and was super apologetic I think they really don’t want me to call the cops cause they will bend over backwards if they think that they stop me from calling the cops. I am at work again so the usual disclaimer about grammar and what not applies. I am sure that this will be a short entry because it is fairly busy here today. We went for Thanksgiving dinner at Shannon’s on Monday which was the cats meow. There was some great food and better company and fantastic gluten free pie. We ate and talked and met some new and interesting people, loads of fun. It was cool to talk with the tiger as well I miss chatting with that guy. We also met Shannon’s friend Nichole who is also a Photog in Edmonton. I think is cool because it seems that we have the same photographic interests and what not. She is really into architecture and is interested in older farms in the area and such. I thought I was the only one in Edmonton that would run about and find abandoned farms and what not. Any way it was good times and we need to do more coffee or what not with Shannon and friends as apposed to just waiting to Mr. Tiger is in town. :) any who I am going to jet now.