So we have gotten the car back from the car doctor’s. It now has four tires that are all round! It is still missing a door handle though but hopefully we can get that fixed next week. However on the car topic! After a year and a half on the waiting list we have finally gotten a parking stall in our building, (when I say stall I really mean its a spot that is exactly the same size as our car so there is not much room to open doors or anything but I am not complaining) It is one of the most fantastic things ever! We get to come home and go from the car up an elevator to our house. Novel! We have been up till this point parking in the Gastown parkade down the street, and walking home. It is only a block with a stop for coffee on the way, so I don’t mind that, what is a pain, is hauling 37 tonnes of photo gear a block three times a week! Seriously I dare anyone to haul a light kit and my camera bag that far I dare ya! It is like the gift that keeps on giving! Hurray!

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