So well here it goes.. Everybody lately is talking, thinking, or are actually doing, is putting there journal on line. Well I thought I would give it a try you know just to see if this is something that I could do. I have said that I am going to keep a journal before and that never lasted more them 3 days so We will see here. I have been going though some big changes lately in my life and maybe this will help me keep track of them all and remember what’s going on today three years from now. Crazy Stuff any way . Well I am off to study that big bad books now so later.

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  1. Wow that is the worst grammar that I think anyone could have possibly come up with!!. I am going to comment on this first post on all the significant days/milestones with my blog starting with today!! The day that I reached 1,111 posts. Jan,19,2008

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