Well I have the page up and running This is just something that I have thrown together but I am afraid that it will have to suffice for now. Not that I have any real plans of sending this url out to anyone or anything :). Any way there is so much to say about my self but I am not going to I will let the reader pick up there own impressions of me from reading this stuff that I write. I will however let the reader no what is going on in my day. It is my daily requirement to post at least once in any given day. Lately when I say that I am going to do something that seems to be true and I have been doing them. I will also try and post a link a day or a song a day kinda like my friend D does. So todays link is


Just a cartoon that I liked today. Well this is really neat actually I think that i will have a lot of fun with this as well. Well have to go now will talk later.