These are a couple of fairly old photos that I have been meaning to share for a long time time now. These were shot with my Pentacon Six TL from the windows of my old studio.

Train Tracks at night Pentacon Six TL

Why are you posting this now you ask?

Well, our new building has a 7000 square foot amenities building in it. In this building is a wood working shop, a metal working shop, a gym, music spaces (this is where My Friend Lisa Jams), a huge pottery area with a couple kilns & four wheels, and last but hardly least a ridiculously awesome but totally under utilized darkroom/photo user group.

What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well yesterday I officially became the head of the photo user group. Meaning that I am in charge of moving the photo group forward, running workshops for film, darkroom use, intro to medium format and more stuff! Exciting right! Well if you are me I am excited!

I can hear what you are all saying to yourselves out there in some highly sarcastic tone… “Great. Super. You are excited, whoopty dooo, thanks for rubbing in that you’re all Mr. Awesome for living in a really cool space with all this awesome cool stuff to use. Wow! you really are kind of a jerk.”

Why it is cool for you? Is this…. As I get stuff prepared for this thing that I have to do I will talk about those same things here. So basically you are reaping the benefits of my complete inability to procrastinate. however now I must go forth to collect many hard drives from the hard drive store.

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