Well Here I am at work and it is Sunday so it is sort of slow. That means that is it blogging time :) I have had a busy and productive week the last while working on the webpage and last minute wedding consults. Booked a new wedding for next year and I have an engagement shoot next Sunday with the bride and groom to be.

I had planned to have the photo shoot with Mike and Michelle yesterday. We were going to get them all done up in wedding getups and shoot to show our style, but with all our scheduling and what have it didn’t work out quite as planned. We may be able to look at doing it when we get back form Toronto and Montreal.

I also had my first photo shoot with a new model Twilla on Friday. It almost didn’t happen again because I was going to have to go to the Tux shop and help pick out a tux for our Saturday photo shoot, but she didn’t get my message to cancel and we were able to go on like nothing had changed.

She is by for one of the best models that I have worked with, full of energy and she has a good idea about what she is doing so I think there is a chance to get some great stuff from our shoots. I have another one set up for this Tuesday so stay tuned to see the outcome. For now…

Getting the plans down for our trip east. It is getting closer and closer to becoming reality. I don’t know what I am more stoked about the trip or the prospect of driving across the country alone.

Yup you heard right. I absolutely love driving super long distances all by my self, I used to do it all the time drive for a couple days and call it a road trip. I think that there is nothing that is as cleansing to the soul as long times in the car by ones self. I think that it is the best way to think about different aspects of life. All the answers to life the universe and everything can be found in a car and a long long stretch of hi-way. I plan on getting a lot answers because I am going to be in a car for at least four days and I will be all by my lonesome. I am also setting up a few photo shoots with models in Toronto and Montreal. I think that I am going to keep it simple and not book to many models and leave us open to do what we want when we are out there.