Lately I find myself doing a lot more music wise then I do photo wise (not to say that I am going to become a jerk with a camera /guitar/banjo/microphone or anything anytime soon) In addition to playing in our increasingly inaccurately described folk rock duo My Friend Lisa (there are four of us now) I have found my self playing with Mikala on a fairly regular basis. I have also been working on a raunchy punk rock side project with my other awesome friend Jenna (whom you may remember from this video) called “The Stank“ All that & I have been recording a few demos for other people! All in all it has been rather busy on the music front these past months.

All the while I have been tring to live up to the camera part of my jerk with a camera name though, as such this is a polaroid from Wednesday of my friend Mikala manhandling Chester!

We were working on some new material but its not quite ready for the masses yet so I will leave you with a cover of the worlds best band EVAH!!!

Mikala & I covering Cactus by the Pixies

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