So yesterday after a band practice – that I am not going to talk about – I was drug out to the Media Club to see this UK band called Frightened Rabbit and I am glad for it. COMPLETE AND UTTER GENIUS!! I had given one of their albums a spin the other day on Coaxial‘s recommendation, but I didn’t make the connection that the band that I was listening to was the same band we were seeing, until part way though the first song. Also this was the first show that I had seen at the Media Club and while it as packed I was still standing ten feet from the stage for a wicked show, which makes it my kind of venue :)

In other news, I am having a really hard time visualizing what I am going to do for my “Scenes From A Movie” entry. For those that are not in the know, Stephanie had this awesome idea. A group of us pulled the names of a bunch of awesome movie directors from a hat with the idea that we take a photo in the style of the director. I pulled Akira Kurasawa and Stanley Kubrick out of the hat. Akira Kurasawa I didn’t even know who he was until I pulled his name.  I know of his work, I just didn’t realize that it was his. The only Kubrick movie I have ever seen was The Shining and that was a long time ago.

I have noticed a couple of themes that are prevalent with both directors. I have noticed that Kubrick loves the wide lenses! Both A Clockwork Orange & 2001 A Space Odyssey has scenes that heavily used extremely wide angle lenses, nearly fish eye in some cases. I may use something like that in my Kubrick photo. Kurasawa was a genius with framing and such.  There are a lot of scenes in The Seven Samurai that are shoot throughs (shooting with an object in the foreground that you shoot through to the actual scene beyond) as well as other fun framing so I may experiment with that. He also painted his story boards, so experimenting with that may be interesting. All said and done I have nothing really.  I will watch more movies and see what comes of it I guess.

Today was also a hang out at VGH day so I wandered about and took some photos.

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  1. I was expecting Frightened Rabbit to be great live, but they really exceeded my expectations. Great energy, sound, all that stuff. Alas, I can’t take credit for discovering them as it was Gillian who recommended them. Venue was awesome, I’ll be keeping an eye on upcoming shows there for sure, I miss small venues and cheap tickets.

  2. Most times that is straight out of camera. I often shoot at f1.2 or the like which causes all sorts of vignetting right in camera. I will admit to the occasional sliding of the lens correction slider in LR to the left a little bit but always on photos that were taken at higher apertures and that is rare and often not very much. To much of that slider make things look a little fake.
    Check out this flickr set
    This is all shot jpeg and uploaded directly from the camera with no post work done to it. It can give you an idea as to what can be accomplished in camera. Photoshop is great but it is to enhance photos not save them.

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