Yup well a while back Coaxial and I went to The Frog and had a few beers… well truth be told we closed the place out. Once we were ejected from said bar we decided that because we were the better part of completely loaded, we should go and take random night time photos. All hand held of course because we didn’t plan this or anything so neither of us had anything that even looked like a tripod.  I loaded up the Canon EOS 3 with some crazy old (circa 2003) Fuji 1600 that I had kicking about, and together with the f/1.2 God lens I was able to do a decent job at this drunkin night time photo wandering. I love the grain of the 1600! It is so authentically gritty :)

1 thought on “Fuji 1600, Beer, & An Evening Of Photos

  1. Yup, agree. I hate hearing complaints about dSLR ‘noise. It’s been there since day one, so just live with it!

    Those are some pretty decent shots, despite your ‘state’. I like the shadow in the 2nd shot.

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