So I have officially sold my first print that wasn’t to a family member or a friend (Not to say that your print isn’t special Asylus) Yes you heard me correctly, one of my prints is going to be hanging in a bank (Not sure what bank but I for see getting arrested in trying to find out! Good times.) Man I feel a little fuzzy from it. I mean someone likes my shit enough to pay money for it.


Well I am going to head out to the lovely but very greesy Keegans this evening and spend some more quality time with my laptop. My laptop and I have been spending a lot of time together while Miranda is in Montreal, but I mean what can you do :) I better go early though cause the corner has been quite busy as of late.

4 thoughts on “i sold stuff

  1. man, how many congratulatory poos do I have to tell you to have these days!
    i’m totally thrilled for you!

  2. congrats man! but yes, mine is special, perhaps even specialer than the other one. any word on the gigantic industrial one by chance? ;)

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