So I am now at coffee. Yay. I started the evening at coffee sorting the 10 trillion things in my email inbox. For those not in the know of me and my manic email habits, I am manic about my email. I have almost every email that was sent to me over the past 4 or so years with the exception of junk email. I have this wondrous snippet into the life of The Jerk all organized into a number of folders in my outlook. It is really everything that I have received and it is all of about 400 mgs of compressed data. I would hate to think about what it would be if it wasn’t compressed. What is crazy about it is not that I keep them all No I have been a digital packrat since I had my first Cd burner years and years ago. (I have all my data backed up, sorted, and cataloged since 98 into hundreds of cd’s But that is an entirely other story) What is manic about it is I can’t stand to see things unread, and Un sorted after It has been read. I have been so busy and haven’t spent enough time at Keegans I guess, because I had email in my Inbox that was sent to me before the party at my house in September or when ever it was. I had to sort it out into the appropriate folders and sections, which took a long time all in all. At it is crazy because I can’t delete anything if I know the person who sent it. Even if it a one word reply to another email I have it in the archives. For example I have in the Outlook -> Personal Archive -> friends -> Scotty Jackson Folder an email from Scotty that is

BODY: BoooYa

That’s it, that’s all. And it is from Feb 2000, Crazy I tell you. I guess that when I am 100 my kids can look though this craziness and have a good reason to call me their fucked up father. I do it with other things as well for example if you have ever chatted with me on MSN or ICQ. Chances are great that I have a log of that conversation somewhere in the archives of the institute. :)
Anyway I am blithering on again about how crazy I am. I suppose it is better to be a digital packrat then a real one. One if the draw backs of this email system is that while its organization is great I absolutely have to deal with the email before it can get filed. SO if you emailed me asking a question I have to email back before it can get filed other wise you won’t get a reply. So I have spent most of my time writing emails this evening.
I Ate some Lemon Pie MMmmmmm…. Lemon Pie. It is really just Lemon Marainge (sp?) pie but Donna calls it Lemon pie cause I always have it.
I also realized that for a guy that raves about how much time he spends at Keegans I sure haven’t been as of late. I sort of have been a bit of a hermit not really leaving my house much. But somehow I still claim to be a Keegans resident. Tisk tisk very sad indeed. I actually can say that since I quit smoking a year and a bit ago I haven’t been spending a lot of time here as compared to my smoking days. I guess coffee just isn’t the same with out cigarettes. Also noticed that this is directly in proportion with my rate of creative productivity, Oh well I digress.
I have Come to the realization that the only thing worse then the Grey cup Fans is the Grey cup game its self, and the only thing worse then the grey cup game is the Grey Cup announcers that I unfortunately can hear now even with my headphone as loud as they go.
The Funniest shit ever is to be found with in this video. Mike sent this video to me so I can laugh about the things that are so silly about a Mac. Please see My October 1, 2003 post for more thoughts on this.
I have almost finished the rphoto website as far as layout and what have you is concerned So now I just need to fill it up with content. Content is my arch nemesis when it comes to web pages. I hate typing out all this cheesy stuff to fill up a website with something other then a snappy design. I will be leaning heavily on Miranda for this part I am sure :) (wink wink) It is funny I just had to explain to the waitress at Keegans why it was exactly that I was holding my laptop up really high in the air. (better wifi signal) It will always be funny to me the crazy looks that I get when I do this. But ya I think that I may walk home soon just cause I am sorta tired of sitting here.

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