Ta da Guess where I am? If you guessed work then you would be right. I am sitting and doing what I do best at work, writing a blog entry between calls. It is my first day back after almost a month off and I am not really sure what I think about it. I had a lot of anxiety about coming back to work today but now that I am here I am sure that it is such a bad thing. These late shifts that I have will be a blessing I think it will give me a chance to get back in the groove of things. There will be more blog posts the before I am sure because they have taken away my remote admin access so I am cut off from doing much else that is productive. So for those that like to hear about my antics you may be in for more entry’s that you are used to.

It has been a while since I posted Last I did I think that was in New Brunswick before we hit Nova Scotia and Well I can say that we have gone much farther since then. We got back in Alberta on Thursday and I have spent the next week catching up on stuff. But it is quite busy here today so I am going to cut this short. I am alive and we did make it home.