Ahh yes So I am currently fighting off a cold or flu or some other ailment that I think was given to me by my lovely Miranda. I feel ok but I am fuzzy headed and I am a little bit dizzy. I am sure that I will pull though ok. So I was out and about today and all I can see is leaves turning red and yellow. It is a little early for fall isn’t it I mean it is half way though September, maybe that is not so odd. I really want to utilize the fall colours this year. I have this great idea that would involve a lot of Twigs, leaves and glue that I hope someone is into working with me on. I haven’t really much to say today so I am going to post some photos.

Here is some shots from that last shoot that I had with Andria

And here is some of the last shoot that I had with Twilla

We have a wedding in the morning and I work tomorrow so It will be a long day for me, Not as long as it will be for Miranda though She is starting the wedding thing at 9am and is going till the cake cutting at night that is a long day.

We bought some new things for the studio today. We got a Large Photo flex Soft box and the adapter for our studio lights and we also bought a Boom stand that we can use to boom in the lights over top. Good times I may get a chance next week to play with them we will see.