So we are in New Brunswick right now and we are getting ready to fire off to Nova Scotia hopefully we will make it to Yarmouth today and The Confederate Bridge later tomorrow. This is definitely interesting trying to run a photography business and travel across the country all at the same time. Last I checked on the GPS we are 3600 KM as the bird fly’s from home and our little Golf brought us here. :) We are finally seeing some good weather but I am afraid to talk about that because I don’t want to Jinx it. But I was starting to wonder if all of Canada is really enveloped in a thick fog and that the only clear areas are Alberta and BC :) So we are booking another wedding but this one is for the weekend after we get back. It will be entertaining because I have to work at 5:30 that day so Miranda will be going solo for some of the wedding. I am sure that it will be fine because she is more then capable but she seems a little flustered about it. :). Any way I have to make some phone calls and run.