So here I am in a Truck stop dinner in Saskatoon. I am going to have a quick waffle and I will be on my way again. Man you think that when you are driving from major city to major city in Saskatchewan they would clearly label the route when you enter the city limits You know like they do every other city when you are entering Calgary there is a sign that says Edmonton Use 16A or something like that right and you can then take the route specified till you get to the next road and it will tell you Edmonton Use the Deer foot north in North Battleford or Saskatoon North Battleford didn’t even say what way the highway was. I had to stop and get a map to get across Saskatchewan.. I mean it is a hunk of prairie with rivers and towns I didn’t thin it would have required one.
LOL They have a Bacon and Eggs Waffle on the Menu but I think that the waitress miss heard me, cause I am now eating Bacon and Eggs But no waffle. Its ok cause after I ordered it I really didn’t want one. maybe she read my mind. I left late from Edmonton I didn’t clear the city till shortly after noon. It was crazy packed on every street that I went down. I ended up taking Crazy Industrial back roads to get out form the Hughes after I got Fuel. I must road trip often or something cause when I stopped for fuel at the Hughes I got my traditional 5 bottles of Jones with the fuel, and the girl behind the till said ahh going on a road trip again I see, you do that a lot. LOL