i need ten ways to shut down a bar.

I have tried being polite and I have tried to be patient. I have tried to be a nice neighbor, but I think it is official that the bar beneath us has got to go. Miranda and I have gotten in from a day that started at about 7:30 am. We shot a wedding today and have been at it hard core since then. So we roll in to our home at 11:30Pm tonight exhausted, sore and ready for bed. Except I live above a bar that is taking their sweet ass time working out the soundproofing issues. Needless to say listening to mindless techno music and Drunk jackasses
fuck around in the bathroom is having an effect on my sleeping. I have called down and I have called the owner and well I wouldn’t be blogging my distain if those things had worked. I am getting a little bit tired of this Bullshit and if they don’t rectify it soon I am going to start lobbing dead fish through the front door on a semi regular basis. K you know what I am going down this is Bull shit… …Well I am back and it looks like the night manager will call me when he gets in tonight. So it a rerun of sleepless in Edmonton for me till the fucking bar closes. I have contemplated drilling a small hole in the floor and releasing a bunch of really smelly gases at random intervals to drive out the patrons till they go under and I can have my peaceful existence back. Arrrg

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  1. That sucks man. Sounds worse than when we had bad cover bands playing at the bar beside the Red Lion.

    City bylaws set noise levels for bars during certain hours. If you can find out what those are, I recommend renting a Sound Pressure Level meter (http://www.audiophilia.com/hardware/spl.htm) and taking readings over a couple of nights. If they exceed the levels set out in the city noise bylaws, then it’s time to phone the city enforcement goons and get them to hassle the place.

    We have a bar in town called The Brickyard which was the subject of such treatment when a condo development went up across the street. Which is funny because it’s right in the middle of junkyville by Pidgeon Park. I don’t know what sort of oranotangs bought apartments in the middle of that district, but noise would be the least of my worries.

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