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Do Not Drink The Water – Coquihalla Highway

Do Not Drink the Water!
On the Coquihalla Highway


A Road to the horizon

A Cabin in the woods

A Cabin in the woods A Cabin in the woods - Black & White A Cabin in the woods - Red Tank A Cabin in the woods - RoofA Cabin in the woods

Corbin’s First Road Trip

So yesterday we got up at the bright & early hour of 6am and hopped into the Xterra to fire off to the great promised land of Alberta. Turns out that Corbin is a road tripping machine! We assumed that we would have to do the normal 12hour drive over two days due to frequent stops to feed and change and to perhaps just hang out. However, we managed to feed and entertain and still make it in 15.5 hours :) AWESOME! Anyway everyplace that we stopped and hung out for a bit I wandered about taking photos of ditches, gas stations, and road side turnouts etc..

Should be called empty beer bottle land! instead of wild rose country :)

Corbin's First Road Trip - Leaving!

Corbin's First Road Trip - On the Road

Yummy food stops and those gates that let wild life back into the fenced in areas.
NO Skateboarding and road side garbage :)

Corbin's First Road Trip - Hanging at a Gas Station

Well Hello I am cute.
Roadside textures and signs

We made it just in time for an 11:11

Corbin's First Road Trip - 11:11 :)

Banjo’s in Fernie

This is a Mamiya RB67 shot that I took when we drove to Fernie a few years ago.

Ucluelet Photos

Just a plain old digital photo from our weekend trip to Ucluelet

Road Trip To Alberta Canola

Road Trip Graveyards

Also from my motorcycle trek a couple of weekends ago, was these photos of may graveyards that I discovered on the way.

Alexandra Bridge

So I have posted photos from The Alexandra Bridge near hells gate before, but this bridge is ssssooooo coooooolll that I deserves many more photos then a few measly posts from a single trek.

These red scale photos are from my day trek on the motorbike a couple weekends ago. This time it was a weekend and a nice day at that so the bridge was filled with people. It was fun to sit and feel this huge bridge shake and sway from another single person walking on the other side.

I really want to go camping here and come down and do some night photos of this bridge.

would be stupid awesome!!!


Forgotten Polaroids

I was cleaning up a little on friday when I cam across one of my polaroid tins. You see we ship prints, cd’s and such in these snazzy tin containers,

but when one of them is dented or otherwise not fit to send to a client it gets delegated to ride around in my camera bag protecting polaroids on photowanders. So I found one of these the other day & to my surprise there was a whack of polaroids in it that I have never scanned in to share.

So here I am now sharing them with you! :)

Bridal falls

Where I got turned around on the Coquihalla because of crappy tires and lots of snow.

I think were the last of some Polaroid Type 80 Pack film that I had. Shot on the Mamiya RB67 With I am guessing a 90mm lens for the first one and a 50mm lens for the second.  I am quite amazed at how much these faded since I took them in November. I had to bring a lot of contrast  back when I scanned them in because they were nearly faded right out to grey in spots.