Today I was interviewed by the Lovely Maegan who is the Arts Director at CiTR 101.9.

Now this is not the first time that I have been interviewed by someone about about something, it isn’t even the first time i have been interviewed about photography. It is however the first time that I have been interviewed about the many things that I do out side of my “day job”. It was fun and I have to say that I didn’t think I had that much to say on the topic art, music, and photography. I would have thought I would have been filled with one word answers and single thought phrases like ‘ I don’t know its fun so I do it” or something along those line. However Maegan was a brilliant interviewer asking the right questions at the right time to keep the conversation going. and the questions were open when need and precise to hone in on points! Miranda even confirmed afterwords that I in fact did NOT sound like a rambling lobotomized chimp :) there was even shoutouts to My Friend Lisa & Politely Awkward and the bands may even get some radio air play for the interview! Exciting!

I think that it will be playing on the 14th on or 101.9 on the FM dial. I will let you all know what time when I know :)

Sadly today has not really seen any improvements on the long and Looming list of Culture Crawl To-Do’s. The Book is a step closer to submission