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4 Days until Culture Crawl – Set Up the Stage!

Days until Culture Crawl – and we have setup the stage!! Pardon the shitty iPhone photos

5 Days until Culture Crawl –

Days until Culture Crawl – I have competed cutups! now to hang em’ on the wall.

7 Days until Culture Crawl –


Days until Culture Crawl – The book was published!

Hopefully the copies will be shipped in time :)

10 days left – The schedule is already behind :)


My Friend Lisa rawked the house tonight!!  we are so going to be ready for the Loft stage on friday the 16th!!

Book is ready to to go i think just a tweak here and there as well some postcards were made and ready to submit for printing! :) schedules nearly kept today… hopefully tomorrow will be better :)


Photowalks still happen even when there is a looming weekend of awesome!

Amidst the Culture Crawl prep I still always have a camera with me! Always! so this is for the the other weekend on a rainy trek to thrift stores tough out vancouver/burnaby/new west

Day 11 – Book design day!

Today was as whirl wind day involving getting up at 4am (not because I had to but because i couldn’t sleep) and finishing a bunch of ‘day job’ work before a 9am politely awkward rehearsal. I also got the start on designing the book!

One of my many projects is to design a book for my Picking on Complete Strangers series. I was thinking a simple 40 spreads of photos and call it good! Well I think I was up to 80 spreads by 8:30am and had way more to go.  After some ruthless cutting and note taking with miranda. we got it down to 60ish. hopefully to be competed tomorrow and sent in.

Politely Awkward rehearsal was perfect we are well on route to having 5 or so original songs ready and better then solid for the friday night of the crawl.

The rest of the day was spent making master todo lists with time lines and finishing up a bunch of ‘day job’ work before a lovely dinner with these friendly folks we know. I even light their kitchen on fire with premium rum!

Day 12 – Promo’s and books

Today I was interviewed by the Lovely Maegan who is the Arts Director at CiTR 101.9.

Now this is not the first time that I have been interviewed by someone about about something, it isn’t even the first time i have been interviewed about photography. It is however the first time that I have been interviewed about the many things that I do out side of my “day job”. It was fun and I have to say that I didn’t think I had that much to say on the topic art, music, and photography. I would have thought I would have been filled with one word answers and single thought phrases like ‘ I don’t know its fun so I do it” or something along those line. However Maegan was a brilliant interviewer asking the right questions at the right time to keep the conversation going. and the questions were open when need and precise to hone in on points! Miranda even confirmed afterwords that I in fact did NOT sound like a rambling lobotomized chimp :) there was even shoutouts to My Friend Lisa & Politely Awkward and the bands may even get some radio air play for the interview! Exciting!

I think that it will be playing on the 14th on CiTR.ca or 101.9 on the FM dial. I will let you all know what time when I know :)

Sadly today has not really seen any improvements on the long and Looming list of Culture Crawl To-Do’s. The Book is a step closer to submission

Building Books Day 13

Cards, CD Sleeves, & Mic Cozy’s

Today amongst the genreal house cleaning and organization I repurpused some paper snack bags with the help of the sewing machine into My Friend Lisa CD sleeves. My  intent was to screen print them as well but that seems to have failed for some reason. I will revisit :)

Since I was sewing anyway I thought I would make some new awesome mic cozy’s as well :)

I also managed to get some cards orders in to MOO as well. The estimated delivery date is the 15th of Nov. so cutting it close to say the least.


While today was actually spent on the ‘day job’ so today’s prep post will actually be about last nights My Friend Lisa rehearsal. We are setting up to play a show at the Loft’s stage on Friday the 16th of Nov. (opening night for Culture Crawl) Tentative plans are currently for us to hit the stage at 7pm-ish so do come down and check us out. I will post some sounds when we have em!