Today was as whirl wind day involving getting up at 4am (not because I had to but because i couldn’t sleep) and finishing a bunch of ‘day job’ work before a 9am politely awkward rehearsal. I also got the start on designing the book!

One of my many projects is to design a book for my Picking on Complete Strangers series. I was thinking a simple 40 spreads of photos and call it good! Well I think I was up to 80 spreads by 8:30am and had way more to go.  After some ruthless cutting and note taking with miranda. we got it down to 60ish. hopefully to be competed tomorrow and sent in.

Politely Awkward rehearsal was perfect we are well on route to having 5 or so original songs ready and better then solid for the friday night of the crawl.

The rest of the day was spent making master todo lists with time lines and finishing up a bunch of ‘day job’ work before a lovely dinner with these friendly folks we know. I even light their kitchen on fire with premium rum!