I sat down today with the intentions of writing the lyrics to a song or two. I realize after furiously smashing out ten things that all got promptly deleted that I have absolutely nothing to write about! I now really understand that whole plight of the tortured artist thing. You need to have something to write about, you almost need to have a dilemma in your life that can fuel your creativity. I feel like I need to have despair to come up with something good, something that doesns’t sound like the lyrics to a crappy boy band song, or a really bad country tune! I have no torture in my life!! I am happy with my station and as such I have nothing to write about. Creating is different than finding! As a photoG I am not creating most of the time! I am doing nothing more than finding the beauty/despair that is already there and showing to people that aren’t there to witness it them self. I think that this is truly why photography has a hard time being taken seriously as a real art form by some people. It is a hellava lot harder to create then find.

3 thoughts on “Creating Stuff Sucks

  1. That was a pretty emo post. Maybe you should write some emo lyrics to go along with it?

  2. I am so happy

    *dun dundun dun dun*

    I can’t write the blues

    *dun dundun dun dun*

    In order to get unhappy

    *dun dundun dun dun*


    *dun dundun dun Geetar solo*

    and so on.

    Plus, I think you’re kinda selling photography short. In order to find that beauty/misery, you gotta be sensitive to it, aware that it’s there. Then, in setting up the shot and doing the post production, you’re creating the means for someone else to see it. I think photography isn’t always taken seriously because people take for granted…think it’s just point & shoot and voila, good picture.

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