I think I am going to start a contest! Because I like contests, therefore other people should as well! So here it goes!

I will post a random photo of my feet and you have to guess as to my feet’s whereabouts to win a prize!

The prize will be an 11″x17″ enlargement of any blogged photo of your choice!

Your guesses have to be specific enough that one could go and see the spot that my feet were at.
You enter the contest using the comments and the first to guess correctly will win the prize!
One guess per person per week!

That’s it!!

AWESOME!! Ok lets start! Where are my feet!?

Just  photo of my feet

9 thoughts on “I am starting a Weekly Blog Contest!!!

  1. That’s no fun – too many of your readers are from other places, and many of your photos are too obscure – no one will play along!

    I think the contest should be to give the best micro story about where your feet are. IF that story includes truth, so be it, but if it doesn’t – well, we’re entertained anyways. And regardless, I can’t win! Being that I live with you and all. I can still have fun, though.

    My go:

    Having escaped the asylum with the file containing proof of the 2008 lobotomies in tow, JWAC had one final obstacle. The weathered chain link fence was the only thing standing in between the hard streets of Vancouver’s downtown east side and the trains that would take him to freedom. He scanned up and down for the easiest path, all too aware that the frantic shouts and commotion in the distance were getting much, much closer. It was time for him to make his move.

  2. no no no your feet are in your socks which are in your shoes which are standing in front of a chainlink fence somewhere in Van

  3. Alright thanks for all the guesses! To close this one with the answer it is the chain link fence at right beside the pay telescope thingys at Prospect Point in Stanley Park! so Close Gus, but not quite right!

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