Colour Infra-red

Hurray the beetle has heat again :) Well it always had heat but I think the cables that command the heat got disconnected when the transmission was done and then didn’t get reconnected, that or the came disco’ed on there own. Also a possibility. So on a crappy wet morning like today when heat is sometimes a help I got to crawl under the car and reconnect them. :) No biggy it is fun to get soaking wet first thing in the morning.
Just waiting for the coffee to finish brewing and I am back at it for another fun filled day of post processing hell :) Don’t get me wrong I enjoy this more then anything but with the weather looking like winter is moving on in long before his possession date, I kinda feel like I missed summer.
Any way this was taken back when it still looked like summer. I will give a shinny, lollipop to any one that can tell me where this was taken.

Camera: Canon 1D Mark II
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/1600
Lens: 24-70mm @ 24mm
ISO: 50
Date Taken: July 10 2005