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Edmonton – Rentals

The thing i love the most about these is the complete lack of marketing or ‘brand’ placement. with the exception of the Laundromat there hasn’t even been a name attached to these ‘store fronts’.

Edmonton – Speed Queen

24 Speed Queen Washers!! WOW that’s amazing! :)

Edmonton – best pizza

Judging from the paper on the windows they were not the ‘best pizza’

Edmonton – Service Station

This used to be a shell Whyte Ave in Edmonton. It’s now an unusable lot not dissimilar from the one down the street.

Edmonton – Open 24 Hours

Having spent a bit of photo time in Edmonton this last while I came across an interesting theme! mostly derelict businesses beside shinny new ones.

Art Gallery Of Alberta

While it has been a while since I have been able to hang out in E-town I have been wanting to check out the new art gallery. I was leaving Alberta right around the time that they were looking at the art gallery replacement candidates. I recall looking at the little mock up designs of possible new art galleries at one of our trips to the old art gallery. Neat to see the gallery completed and open.

Art Gallery Of Alberta

Art Gallery Of Alberta

Art Gallery Of Alberta

still homesick

One thing I do miss from Alberta is wide open fields even if I am feeling quite homesick for Vancouver! Taken of me by Miranda during an awesome photoshoot we did this afternoon!

Crashing at the Awesome Unit in cow-town tonight, and I can not begin to explain how i am super excited to hit the highway early in the morning. I miss my cats and my home.


Yup I am in Ralph Country, Or Pil Country, also known as Creston Beer country, and the land of ice and snow! I have been for nearly a week and I am home sick. Never in my life have I been home sick before, & trust me I managed to be a bit of a vagabond for many years. It’s funny because some one asked me if I was headed home for thanksgiving, and after some thought I have to say that Vancouver is officially my home now. I am only visiting Alberta & I simply can’t wait to head home! Especially now that we have a home that is ours (I say ours but really for the next 25 years it belongs to the bank) We are moving in at the end of November (the 28th to be exact) and while I am prepared to move all by myself I am offering beer & pizza to any would be box haulers out there :). The plan is to have our pro-photog party and our house warming that following weekend so keep your calendars free for November 28th and December 5th!! Thus forcing us to unpack and organize quickly. That is the idea anyway! anyhow I ave to run and shoot a wedding now. Just dropping a note.

Translink Fail!!!

Criminalizing Photographers?
Not taken by me… taken by Cabbit

Yuppers read up go here to read about it! At least Translink has responded to the thread which is awesome.  While I do understand why they need to do this, I worry about how this is going to effect things long term. In e-town I was constantly avoiding the transit cops (and security guards in general) because they had a zero tolerance policy when it came to photography. Not to say that i didn’t shoot there all the time!!


Coming to Vancouver and having a city relaxed attitude to photo walking and the like is refreshing but I worry that post Olympics what policy’s are going to stay around for ever and what things that should be public domain are now going to be off limits?

Mmmmm Real Donairs

So because I didn’t gain enough weight this Xmas holiday season, I am
currently standing and waiting for my jumbo donair from Charles Smart
Donair in Etown. Mmmmmmm. Queen donair was closed so we are resorting
to the second best donair place I know.

iPhone blooging about things that people want to have/be doing but
can’t because of location/jorbs is awesome. I am not sure if there Is
any way to be more effective of a jerk really. We are off to banff now
and Lake Louise awesomeness tomorrow. :)