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Black & White Bridges

I was a passenger in the X-terra today so I shot things I saw out the window. Like bridges. This is Golden Ears Bridge as seen from out the side window of the X-terra at 80kph. What you don’t see is the random man that was yelling and shaking a fist at us for… well…. I am not sure what he was yelling and shaking fists at us for… but you don’t see it in these photos.

I figure if I have to pay to cross an empty bridge then I should get some good photos out of it :) Shot with the AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8 ED (god I love this lens)

Black & White Bridges

Black & White Bridges

The Bloedel Conservatory

Long Cardboard tubes are Awesome

K I am shooting a wedding in the AM (the first wedding with the M9 so I am kinda super excited about that) but I thought i would post a couple of outtakes from yesterdays March Photo A Day.

We have these long (over 8′) cardboard tubes for an unrelated art project that I Thought would be cool to look up into. The blue shot is I added a flash to the shot with out adjusting the white balance to match.
I am reminded of these photos that we took on a road trip in 2007 of a smelting plant chimney Awesome fun really.

Playing in the studio

One of the joys of having a photostudio in your office is you can mess around with it till the wee hours of the morning drinking redbull and energy panthers.  I messed around a lot tonight but this is my favorite!

This vignetteing is actually from the background light as well as the super wide open f/1.2 50mm