Again More Past life photos because it is all I can manage on my phone while tiny human sleeps on me :) This is from a time that we came home drunk from some sort of gathering to continue the party at our studio to find this huge ass cardboard box in the lobby of our building!

We stuffed it in the elevator and it was the exact size of the door so some one had to get in and push the buttons and then the box got shoved in. Once the elevator doors closed the inside of the Box was pitch black. well we didn’t get the button pressed in time and the elevator went to the basement instead of our floor. The elevator doors open and there is a half dozen drunkards in a box. The neighbor took it is stride and hopped into the dark box with the drunk folk and away we went!

anyway the box lived in the studio for a few weeks and many photo-booths and other shenanigans happened with it.  This photo however…. It has no purpose :) It is just what drunk folk do with a box they find in the lobby :)