So those of you who know me may know that I have this love hate thing with Andy Warhol. It is really hard to explain but in a nutshell I sort of feel that this man and his actions single handedly pushed the concept of photography as a serious art form into our present/future while simultaneously knocking photography as a serious art form into the Stone Age.

“My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person.”
– Andy Warhol

I view Warhol as a brilliant artist; I love the concept of breaking the boundaries of conventional art, and finding art wherever you go, in the most insignificant routine things. I just don’t like Warhol’s art. To put it succinctly I enjoy his method but not his madness.

“An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them. “
– Andy Warhol

So why are you talking about Andy Warhol exactly?? Well I felt that it was a good segue into MY NEW SNOWBOARD!!!! Yes via Craig’s List I was able to snag a Burton’s 2008 Andy Warhol Snowboard!!!!


Super sweet board that I was able to get back of a truck prices on. (I went to his house and he had all the original boxes so I am reasonably confident that it didn’t actually come from the back of a truck) To buy the snowboard itself from Pacific or Comor would be about $700 new. It came with the Burton C60 bindings which are again according to Pacific or Comor about $550 new.


So all said this is a $1250 to $1350 setup after taxes. I was able to get this all for $700 big ones!!! SWEET!!! And sweet it is. Yesterday I bought some boots (the Vans Fargo) and Coaxial and I headed up to Cypress for a few runs. So I don’t know a lot about snowboarding being that this is a new hobby that I have just picked up! But man this board was really responsive! Almost too responsive, It was super easy to carve with and also super easy to fall on one’s head with! After a few epic falls (thank goodness I also got a helmet)
I was rocking down the hills! Like it was my second day snowboarding in ten years. (cause it was) This is so going to be my winter passion I can already tell! When I get better I will start carrying a camera so you all can see it. But for now all you get is my bad spelling and poor grammar to describe it to you!


1 thought on “Art is what you can get away with – Andy Warhol

  1. i was born on andy warhols boday, 51 years later mind you. so that means on his 17th boday the bomb landed on hiroshima. i think he was into nuclear fission, making matter out of nothing. i agree, his art is kinda garbagy in a velvet elvis sort of way, where the means of production adds all the value. conceptually brilliant, but id rather see don knotts or a horses ass than marilyn or gretz.

    nice ski.
    wheres the other one?

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