This past weekend we had a wedding at a place called Alpine Meadows Resort near Clearwater BC. Where is Clearwater you ask. Exactly! We were seriously off in the toolies which was really awesome even if it meant there was no cell service or internet.

We took a little river ferry to get there.

They had a lake that was quite literally jumping with fish and rowboats :)

Marsh Grass taller then me…

and street lights… in the wilderness… I am not making this up…

It was a weekend of completely epic clouds and dramatic skies.

I again like always have forgotten my capo resulting in an improvisation.

Super awesome place was a super awesome wedding, and despite it being a work weekend, it was super swell! There are more photos to come I am sure.

4 thoughts on “A Weekend in the wilderness :)

  1. Hi Jerk,
    Here’s your Dutch spammer again ;-)

    Do you have a website where I can see some of your work of weddingphotography ?

    I really like the row-boats paddle photo btw! awesome moment! The water and ripples show me ‘rest & calmt’


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