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Why do you take photos?

I like to take photos of things.
Some day the things that I take photos of will be gone.
Some things will be gone sooner than other things.
Somethings just change slightly.
Other things are removed completely from existence.
As though they had never even existed.
With a little luck the photo will always mark that thing into that place and that time, forever.
That in itself is a good reason to take a photo.


Beer On Tap

There is apparently beer on tap here behind two layer of security glass :) 

I am in Cuba Right Now so You get pre-recorded content

I am currently basking on a warm beach with a cold Bucanero in my hand & well if you are reading this you’re not. Now because I am in the wondrous land of overly complicated internet, I am going to future post a few things for you all to read/look at while I am gone.

These photos are from the Olympic Village Community Centre bathroom. I am sure that this sign is there because the water is grey water recycled from the other buildings and they could get sued if some one drank it, but really you needed a sign to let me know that drinking from a urinal is not a good idea. Proof that people are all idiots and we live in a horrible litigation society!

More Alberta

More photos from our road trip back home this last week. I am constantly amazed at how small towns do not really change over time, there may be a new store here and there or more likely the change is the name of the store. To explain I find it really funny that all the change i could find in E-town and in Westlock was that all the businesses i knew are no longer there but they are replaced with a nearly identical retailer with a different name. Examples are the bargain shop is replaced with another bargain shop type business with a different name or logo. Clothing shops on Whyte Ave are still clothing shops but they are selling under a different name. Or the rotating restaurant/bar that is always in the same location and in fact reopens with a new name but with no other renovations :)

Trains to Camera Shows

In addition to being world Pinhole Camera Day, yesterday was also the Camera Show & Swap out in Burnaby. I decided to get up early and grab the long train out to Loughheed Mall instead of driving mostly so I could take photos on the way. While the show itself didn’t present any super awesome deals, the train did provide some awesome photos :)

Camera Show - Skytrain

Camera Show - People at the skytrain

Camera Show - Hitchen a ride
This guys was seriously hitchin a ride on the skytrain. He had his thumb out until the train audibly started slowing down :)
Camera Show - Sign
I meandered out to New Westminster as well on the way back where I found many awesome photos. After, I went to commercial station and walked up to meet up with Miranda at K&E’s. So many photos but for another time. Off to collect peeps from airports soon :)

Blue Sky!

I am not going to be one of those people that tells you that is rains all the time here but it does rain a lot in the winter. So when you get t-shirt/blue sky weather in February, you go out and take photos of it.


I do heart North Vancouver.

I woke up this morning totally feeling refreshed like i had epically overslept. I started cursing my self for over sleeping then my alarm went off. That is an awesome start to a day

Ioco & 3rd


New West Walls

New West had a large assortment of awesome walls waiting to photographed here is a few of the more awesome :)

New West Walls

New West Walls

New West Walls

Receiving Bell

On a walk about, I found this behind a hotel (I don’t remember which one) on West Hastings Street. I like it because it looks like someone actually hand painted it on the wall & in two colours even!

A Frog, Hockey Riots, and Beers.

Just rolled in from the Frog where we had beers with the North Shore Crew! I snagged this photo on the way there.

There was a tonne of people cheering for the flames in the bar and this one lone loud guy that insisted on making as much noise as possible when the other team (I really don’t know who was playing because I care as much about hockey as i do about Paris Hiltons bra size which for the record is not at all) scored which I think was a lot. I half expected to discover his beaten corpse sprawled across the bathroom floor so I reframed from using the washroom. :)