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In addition to being world Pinhole Camera Day, yesterday was also the Camera Show & Swap out in Burnaby. I decided to get up early and grab the long train out to Loughheed Mall instead of driving mostly so I could take photos on the way. While the show itself didn’t present any super awesome deals, the train did provide some awesome photos :)

Camera Show - Skytrain

Camera Show - People at the skytrain

Camera Show - Hitchen a ride
This guys was seriously hitchin a ride on the skytrain. He had his thumb out until the train audibly started slowing down :)
Camera Show - Sign
I meandered out to New Westminster as well on the way back where I found many awesome photos. After, I went to commercial station and walked up to meet up with Miranda at K&E’s. So many photos but for another time. Off to collect peeps from airports soon :)

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    Derek K. Miller

    Is there some unspoken rule about not taking pictures inside the show? (Which would be weird.) I didn’t take any myself, since I was only there briefly, but I figured there’d be a bunch online later in the day, and there aren’t.

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    the jerk

    Ya I thought about that when I was safely back at home? I am have no idea why I didn’t take any photos inside. I walked in the door and put my camera in my bag so my hands were free to fondle other peoples cameras. I can only assume it was the same for other people :) KINDA ODD really :)

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    Brandon Phan

    What lens and settings did you use for these series of pictures? I’m really impressed by the second picture and the third picture (with the hitchhiker)

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