So Polka Dot Rocket was a film collective that was born out of the first “This Is A Spoon” 48 hour film competition.

For those that are not in the know a 48 hour film competition is a contest is which teams compete for a variety of prizes around who can best Write, Cast, Shoot, Edit, & Deliver a short 5 min or less film in 48 hours or less. I hear you in the back, That doesn’t seem that hard. Well here is the Rub you have to do this all while incorporating secret elements that you don’t get until the competition starts. These can be anything from an over all theme, character, a prop or a line of dialog that needs to be included in your film. and the deciding factor on who wins the different awards is who incorporated these elements the best.

This film which we call Sparrows 3 is our half hearted entry into the competition this year. Based on the resources we had and the way things got laid out I am pretty pleased with our film. I think we incorporated the elements of

Theme: First World Problems
Prop: Hawaiian Pizza (but it couldn’t be the first world problem)
Line of Dialogue: So you are just going to leave me here with this/a ______ in my hand.

I say half hearted as we really had a lot going on this month and we abandoned a really great script idea because it needed more writing/work-shopping to make it great. We also had a variety of our crew that we had lined up have to drop out for various reasons over the weekend leaving us to abandon our first idea (that we stayed up until 4:00 am writing to instead get back at it at 9:00 am to write a whole new script based on what we had available to us!

It is no Influenced or Sense Memory but I think it is pretty good none the less.

The Film was shot entirely on the new (well new to me at least) Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K mounted on the DJI Ronin S. I had both of our Ursa Mini Pro’s and the while Readyrig and Full Size Ronin Rig all ready to go for filming this, But we opted to stick with the Pocket/Ronin S combo because with the Tilta Nuculus Nano it is a very great one man band Run’N’Gun setup. Sound was a combo of the Sennheiser MKH416 when they were stationary enough to mount a boom arm (we didn’t have anyone that could run boom) and the Rode Filmmaker Lav Kits all plugged into the Zoom F8n that literally hung around my neck on a camera strap. Again no sound person :)

I ran (figuratively and Literary) around most of the day and the night shooting for many hours straight and the Ronin S battery held out strong being not even half spent. I did have to change the Nano’s Battery twice in the shoot but I don’t think it started the day fully charged. It did however only take about an hour to charge up again with the magnetey USB charger thingy out of a standard USB port of of my iMac, so i was able to swap it in with out issue.

The big surprise was the Pockets Battery life. I have heard nothing but heavy complaints about the battery life on the Pocket, and how it is utterly useless with out a cage with a v-mount screwed to it in a cumbersome way.

I gotta say BullS**t. Yeah the on-board LP-E6N are not going to last long enough to shoot a droning lecture from my 68 year old Poli-Sci Prof in University uninterrupted. But we started the night with 7 LP-E6N’s (specifically these ones from amazon) and I was super diligent to stick them on the charger the moment they went dead thinking i would blast though that 7 in a couple hours to hopefully have fresh recharged ones ready to go. I ended the night with 4 batteries left untouched an the one in the camera at around 80%

Lighting was all done with some combo of the Aputure 300 or aputure 120, or some of the small aputure 20’s

The film made it to the semifinals and for what we had to put in to it I am pretty happy with what we got!