This is just a quick wander about with the kiddo’s as captured with the DJI Pocket and The DJI Mini 3 Pro and what has sort of become my default wander about camera/lens combo the Canon 1DX Mark II and the Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

Mossy tree at the Capilano River

We headed just up the road to the Capilano Fish Hatchery. while we could have easily walked here I figured that getting my already protesting non-teenager-teenager to walk to go for a walk wouldn’t really fly so we drove there.

Fern’s are my favorite rainy day nature subject

We wandered across the bridge complete with it’s newly refurbished deck and walked north to the lower dam lookout.

This is the bridge over the river with it’s fancy new bridge deck.
Fishing In the Capilano River.

We past fisherfolk and lots of damp tourists.

Outflow from the Cleveland Dam

I did quickly toss the Dji Mini 3 Pro in the air but being that we were really deep into the valley with a lot of tall trees I couldn’t get a lot of satellites for a super controlled flight. I think after waiting for 4-5 minutes I managed to get 8 which it considered to be a fair connection. I flew it up and down the river a little bit and it started to run away a few times as well as not hover in place so I landed it after two quick videos :)