Today I am headed to a lovely lookout off on a side service road that branches off of the East Harrison FSR. It is a lookout that I sort of randomly found while exploring out north of Harrison Lake a few weeks back. I found it and took some photos. I was going to fly the drone around but sadly I had crashed it earlier that day and then as I was running out of daylight I headed back down not really giving it another thought.


On the drive back it struck me that we could use this lookout and area as a stunning backdrop to this short film that we have been working on.

Today I am headed out to see if it would work as great as I remembered and to make sure that there wasn’t anything that would make it not work.

Today’s trip takes me east on Highway one out past langley, abbotsford & chilliwack, all the way to the backroads north of Agassi and Harrison Hot Springs.
To get there you take t he Transcanada Highway east to the number 9 Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy where you head north all the way to the resort town of Harrison Hot Springs.

To get to East Harrison Forest Service road you head east past the Lagoon and follow Rockwell Drive along the east side of the lake for about 7 kilometers.

When on logging roads it is a good idea to have a VHF radio to hear and call out where you are on the road. East Harrison uses Resource road channel number 18.

English FSR is found to the west about 42 kilometers up east harrison. The Radio channel is RR28 Here you can head up for about 7 and a half kilometers raising in elevation about 600m. The road is a decent climb up with a few cutouts that might test your approach angles but otherwise an easy climb in a 4×4. All wheel drive subaru’s “could” make this climb but I wouldn’t
i recommend it.

Flying the Dji Mini 3 pro here was both awesome and a bit nerve wracking. The fog really played havok with the optical sensors on the drone and its obstacle avoidance might as well have been turned off as it couldn’t really ‘see’ anything.

It also kept thinking that the fog was the ground and when left on its own it would slowly climb higher and higher to maintain its safe distance from what it thought was the ground a half a meter away when in reality it was actually 30+meters up.

Every time I would bring the drone down it would start auto landing even though it was really quite far from the ground.

Despite all of that I was able to get these pretty epic shots in some pretty heavy wind with out much drama.

After spending just a half hour up on the top in the wind and snow I realized that this was not the weather to spend our time and get both the epic shots and performances that we wanted for our short film. We want to make sure that we are eliminating blockers to that end and not adding new ones with our location.

We will have to really think about this and maybe hold off on this location until it warms up or choose a location that is maybe a little more sheltered.

Yup while I could spend all afternoon playing in the snow and fog it was time to get into that two hour drive back out to the highway. The few centimeters of snow that fell in that short time I was up at the top made the drive out just a bit more fun!

Even though I was in a rush to get out I couldn’t help but play with the drone just a bit more on way out.

I did stop and check out this pretty amazing campsite on Big Silver Creek near the bridge and marked it in Gaia Maps as a future campsite!

The Drive out is not complete without a quick stop at at Cogburn Beach, this place is an absolute ZOO in the summer months but on a day like today I had the place to myself.

After airing the tires back up and hitting the pavement I can say that I am not really any closer to an answer about what we should do when It comes to our short film. Whether we should film this Saturday or not? I don’t know if I can say that I changed my mind 20 times on the way home alone. Maybe I need to go on a few more scouting trips to see what else is out there.