In October we loaded up in #tinythejeep and headed on out to the Ever-lovely Squamish backroads to hit up this abandoned factory that I have found in my past travels to do a video test for our short film. Basically I was thinking that we could take the full spectrum converted Sony A7S II and shoot the film with the Aerochrome filter but before I committed to shooting a film that we have been working on for a while now on an experimental camera and such I figured we should at least do a test.

Now where we were wanting to head to the FSR was actually closed for a bridge replacement so we found a river instead.

Now this camera is the Sony A7S II that has been converted to see the full spectrum of light by the folks over at kolavison. I have talked about this before but in a nutshell the camera can see the a larger spectrum of light outside of what our eyes can see and by adding filters you can control what part of the spectrum is captured by the camera. In this case we added an IR Chrome filter to get as close as we can to Aerochrome film of old.

I like this because it makes all the lovely greenery that we have here bright red but it pretty much captures skin tones and people reasonably close to normal. We shot a whole lot of video on this trek to test the camera so expect to see another few from this session popping up over the next few days!