Well my ass has been firmly planted in my chair for the last week it has been a lot of up at 7am and to bed at 4am kind of days where my computer is unoccupied for only a few moments at a time. But all my hard work is paying off I am nearing completion of all weddings in 2006. I saw nearing because I am not quite there yet, but damn am I close and that is good times in my books. Getting ready to bugger off to Alberta for a week Visit my mom and attend Roy & Tara’s wedding. And man since we didn’t go to the last wedding that I was allowed to drink my face off, this one is going to have to make up for it J

Installed the new Office 2007 Suite and I am yet to be impressed, But how much more can you improve Word really. Outlook has some fun things to it but that about it. It’s pretty though!

Screen Shot Of Word 2007

It makes me want to write a book because they have finally done away with times new roman as the Default font that combined with the pretty menus it feels useful (the jury is still out on this but I think it is actually less useful) and I want to write a book in it.
Just me I guess.

I am getting thirsty but the water is so nasty :( Because my ass hasn’t really left my chair I haven’t stockpiled the water in the mad dash to get some. I guess I will drink beer :)

Anyway my computer is free to continue working on photos again so i will go.

2 thoughts on “My eyes hurt…

  1. I have been using Office 2007 for about 8 months now, and honestly, I hate it. It’s buggy as hell (yes, it’s still in beta, but shouldn’t have been released that buggy…) and other than a few nice features in Outlook, I wish they’d change the interface back! It’s impossible to find anything with that menu layout!

    Glad to see you blogging more, R!

  2. Awesomwe that you’s guys are back I hope you had a good trip :)

    I hear ya the interface (although pretty) is crazy hard to find stuff in…. That said when you figure out there little system and utilize the customization of it it is more intuitive then the old menu thing. I find it stable for the little that i have used it but i (sneaky laugh) am not using beta. Jury is still out on it all an all though. :)

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