This is a photo from my Canon 1Ds MII that I sent to canon repair after it stopped turning on.  They sent it back saying it had water damage and that they can’t fix it. The neat thing is that it came back working…. Neat. I am not sure if i should trust it but I have been shooting away with it so hopefully it will remain working :)

Here are some photos of the water damage.

5 thoughts on “Just Some Stacks of Chairs

  1. if it messes up again, take it to ritz camera & buy an extended warranty plan. then, a few months down the road – you can literally take it for a dip in the ocean or throw it off a parking structure and they’ll replace it for free

  2. Ohw my god! That’s awesome! Did you made those?
    Very Cool… I’ve my first Woman-Woman wedding shoot in September.. don’t think I can get them into the water hèhè… and our water is as brown as mud… so won’t try it even! :)

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