I would like to welcome Tiny The Jeep here to this jerks famjam. Tiny is a basically brand new 2014 Jeep Wrangler Safari edition. I say basically brand new as It has a mere 40,000 km on it (at least it did at time of this writing) which is a hilariously low amount considering that it is technically 7 years old :)

This Jeep hasn’t seen the backroads at all. In fact I doubt it has seen gravel roads. I mean coming in at 40,000 km it is safe to say that it has hardly seen any roads :)

I mean look at those dentless skid plates. :) The xterra did not have dent free skid plates

Jeeps are hot right now. I mean really hot. I blame the pandemic or something but used jeeps are selling for more then new ones so I was looking at getting a new 2021 Jeep. The thought of this pained me to the core. Way back in 2008 we only bought the Xterra brand new because we had some super specific ideas and features in mind (yellow, standard transmission, Off Road edition) which were hard to find new. That and we were financing it so the 0.9% new verses the 17 or 18% for the used made it a no brainer to buy it new.

Fast forward and here I am wanting a 2 door jeep In a standard Transmission but I am willing to pay cash… it was painful to me to have to pay that New Car Tax only to get what I wanted.

Side note here. It is really really really really hard to buy a vehicle with a standard transmission. Like super hard. Looking at the wide swath of things that were available to me i found some toyota trucks, jeeps, and few tiny shit box cars could with effort come with a manual transmission. but for the most part they just aren’t available. This makes me sad, that is all.

So thinking I would have to special order a 2 door Standard, and then wait 4 months, on a whim and a burning need to go do something Covid friendly outside of our house went on a tour of car dealerships ‘just to look’ so to speak. In all of our travels we only found a grand total of four 2 Door Jeeps on any of the lots and with the exception of this one they were all quite a bit older and quite well used but more important to my desires they were all sadly Automatic transmissions.

So Imagine my surprise when we rolled into a lot in Richmond and found a 2 door Jeep Wrangler Jk in the lot. I hopped out of the mighty Xterra and trotted over to look though the window fully expecting to see the PRND of an automatic but had to double take as there was instead the 123456R of my beloved Manual staring back at me….

Well now it was time to look at the rest of this all….

2014… Not brand new so Plus, but a 2014 at the BC average of 15,200km per year is going to conservatory have 106,000 to 107,000km on it… 40,000? mmm…. Price? from what I have been seeing, it is going to be up there….. Mmmm sticker is less than a new one….. MMMMMMmmmmm and it was at this point that the sale rep cam up and basically handed me the keys for a test drive.

One tour to the Steveston hwy turn around and back (and then a second one to find the dealer plate that flew off on the first go round) and I was pretty much sold.

The tires were the standard Bridgestone Dueler AT’s that I am pretty sure were the original tires it was purchased with and they were pretty much on the way out which was a bargaining point for me which was great as there was little I could bargen on as it was basically brand new. Also having to replace shite tires was great as after a couple of seasons with the random truck tires on the Xterra I was really looking forward to having my favorite BF Goodrich A/T’s back.

Much haggling and debate about the trade in value on the Nissan Xterra with a dent or scrape in every body panel and a lit up dash looking like a Christmas tree we settled on a flat 30,000 all in which is a good price. It is not a steal and not a rip off just a good price that I am happy to pay.

We drove it home yesterday, and I am super happy to say the least. Now let the addon/mod/roof rack research begin!

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