We have come to the end of an era. After 12 years of faithful service we have had to let the Adventure Xterra move on to another life. This truck owed us nothing, it drove us to adventures, housed us when we arrived. It served as a platform for filming, it even starred in more than a few films. It grew with our family and served us without complaint for over 200,000km of adventure.  Now that is 200,000 Km of adventure. We didn’t commute to work so those KM are mostly Adventure Km’s. Every skid plate was dented from adventure, every body panel was dented or scratched (except maybe that one scrape from that grocery store) from an adventure, and we would do it all again. :) 

So long Xterra. I am sorry we never got around to naming you, but you were a great friend and the best travel Companion :)