So In an effort to get caught up in my developing I began today with the sole intention of developing all the film that I have in queue. Well there were 13 rolls of film in queue, and I have only one tank :) Well I should say that I only HAD one tank. I was going along good but at 45 min a roll you do the math. So after about 6 rolls I finally got fed up and I went to McBain and bought a larger tank. So now I can do two rolls at a time instead of only one. I would have gotten the three roll tank except, unlike the two roll tank, it didn’t come with any spindles. So in addition to the tank I would also have to buy two of those at $15 a piece. two is lovely anything that cuts my work and time in half is very cool :) So at the end of today I am entirely caught up! All 13 rolls.