Well here I am at a Tim’s having a coffee, and wondering where the weekend went to? Yesterday my big plan was to take photos all day and instead I didn’t get out with the camera till about 8:30 pm. Not to say that yesterday wasn’t unproductive, I sorted and renamed Friday’s wedding & we drove about shopping, and other stuff. I guess I am just down cause it was not what I had planned. OUCH!!!! That was me getting 3rd degree burns from my coffee. Anyway, in have been reading a new book lately. The Tao of Photography by Philippe L. Gross, S.I. Shapiro & it is quite interestingly applying Taoist philosophy to photography. Thus far in the book (i haven’t gotten far) they are discussing how the clouded mind and preconceptions will effect what you take photos of and how you go about it. It is an interesting book because instead of talking about how to effectively operate your camera and understand light as most photography books do, it discusses what you are pointing the lens at. It is all about challenging preconceptions and learning to see the world though new eyes, the eyes of a child so to speak unclouded by media & pre-determined notions of beauty. I think it is interesting for the when I look at the photo of the sunset that I posted earlier today, I can understand the basic meaning of this idea. It is supposed to be a beautiful photo of the sun falling but what I see is not thought provoking at all. Ahh well here I go waxing intellectual again. It looks like it will be an interesting read, if I ever have time again in this life time :)