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I take photos of stuff then I put them here! Not much more to say. Like most people I am a transplant to Vancouver from a much colder place for over nine years now, and I don’t mind the rain!

Oh Ya & I like Pirates!!! Oh and cheese!!! I like Cheese! Ohhhh & Motorbikes I have one!! Oh ya I am kinda a geek! Oh and I like to 4×4 with my X-Terra!!! Oh OH OH I was in a band and I play Guitar!!
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Q. So what’s the deal Why are you a jerk? And why do you have a camera?
A. The name Jerk with A Camera is a play on a band called Jerk with a Bomb. See when I opened my first TV torrents account my nick was jerkwithabomb cause I was thinking about The Pixies show at the Commodore a while back when I was registering my first TV Torrents account. The tie in you ask? Well a band called Black Mountain opened for the pixies on that particular night, and Black mountain (as near as I can remember from the description that was given to me by a guy that was standing next to D & I) is Jerk with a bomb with a different name. Please fire me an email if any of this is wrong, I could go and look it up myself but what the fuck do you think this is a Wiki about me! Ok but why a camera, why did you swap the Bomb? Well this brings us back to TV torrents, due to poor personal bandwidth management and the release of all the original episodes of Star Trek, as well as a few other seasons of TV that I prob still haven’t watched, I ended up about 145 gig in the hole (TV torrents is a Ratio site for every gig you download you need to upload some) For those not in the know this is well, almost unrecoverable. So I scrapped that moniker and made a new account under Jerk With A Camera and well it sorta stuck.

That’s all! If you are confused we could flow chart it. Ready

TV Torrents -> Pixies -> Black Mountain -> Jerk with a Bomb -> TV Torrents -> William Shatner -> Tv debt -> name change ->brilliance

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