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My Friend Lisa – Deathbridge


HEY!! Come on down to the Backstage Lounge tonight to see My Friend Lisa play with Nick Gee & 7wo!! If you give me a comment or an email I can maybe get yeah on the guest list!!
Nick Gee - 7wo - My friend lisa - Backstage Lounge Feb 20th 2013

Nick Gee – 7wo – My friend lisa – Backstage Lounge Feb 20th 2013

Nick Gee – 7wo – My Friend Lisa are all playing at the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island on the 20th of February 2013

Nick Gee - 7wo - My friend lisa - Backstage Lounge Feb 20th 2013

My Friend Lisa Is Playing a show!

Thats right folks you heard correctly! My Friend Lisa is playing a show January 18th at Lana Lou’s (362 Powell Street) with Rocket Ramona & The Works. It should be an awesome night so come on down!!

My Friend Lisa Show at Lana Lou's

Busking at the olympic village!!

I found this photo of us though a friend of a friend! That means we are famous right!

Thanks Mr. 604homes

Sneak peak at My Friend Lisa’s Band Camp!

So like I said before the band went camping! Here is another sneak peak at some of the photos!

We pulled into a random roadside pull out and preformed ‘The Ride’ just before the rain came, and Gabe finally got a chance to RAWK OUT!!

My Friend Lisa – Band Camp

A couple of weeks ago the entire band loaded up in the xterra and we went camping!! we recorded/captured a tonne of video/music/photos and we plan to bring it all together into a huge pile of awesome sauce. till then however you get this little teaser!

My Friend Lisa Films A Music Video

While we are just in the editing stage right now this last Sunday we filmed a music video! Well in fact two to be exact! we completely dismantled the loft and repurposed it as a film set!!

Special shout out to Damian for being our impromptu film guy/jib operator/ lighting guy/ everything else film related!!

My Friend Lisa – Busking video!!

My Friend Lisa (Minis the everlovley Renee) hits the streets of Vancouver to rock out!

That drum unit thingy is a Gigpig from sweden  and well as you can see it is super AWESOME!!!

A super special, super loud shout out to thank Noah for filming our antics and running interference with the drunken bums.


Yup. We were at it again! It was street performing time for My Friend Lisa again this afternoon/tonight.

We all met up on Granville Street and found us a sheltered spot out of the rain and we played a bunch of songs. In fact we played a bunch of songs for nearly 4 hours at various spots along Granville street. We had an awesome visit from a man named Arnold. He was really drunk, and he had an upside down cross tattooed on his forehead. Thankfully Lani who is very experienced at dealing with the drunkin Arnold’s of the world was able to get him to not sit down smack dab in the middle of our circle.

We sort of had a nice rotating cast of performers that came and went as their schedules allowed, and worry not Renee for next time we will totally remember to bring out the awesome Casio of DOOM!!! for you to rock out upon. Although I have to say you were doing pretty good with the making up songs as we went!!