So I thought to my self the other day, “Hey I wonder what this Vista thing is all about? I should give it a whirl and see if the ten billion years that we have been waiting for it was really worth it”. So I dug up a ‘trial’ copy and loaded it up. Now I am not so silly to think that It was going to work perfectly so I installed it to a spare hard drive leaving my existing XP alone to be returned to in the event of catastrophic failure. It Installs fine after a little finagling to get the install drive converted from a windows Dynamic drive to a standard one, (the drive was part of an old disk stripe) and it installs quick as well. I was expecting two hours of killing time while it rolled along but it was up and running in about ½ a hour or so. It ran super sweet at first. Then I installed CS2 and that didn’t even really work, then I tried to access my drive arrays and that didn’t work, then I turned off all the flashy shit and realized that it wasn’t really different from XP, which brought the whole experiment to an abrupt end. I pulled the spare drive out and booted up my XP to get along with my day…. Or should I say tried to boot up XP. Errors on boot looking for the Vista drive that I pulled out???? Ummm… Ok it would appear that Vista ate my XP and to make the day even better it actually fucked my drive arrays so they couldn’t be initialized anymore. It some how took the properties of the drive array the spare drive was originally attached to a long time ago and applied them to the two separate arrays that I have. (I have three drives in one stripe and two drive in a separate stripe but they thought they were part of a fictitious 5 drive super disk. The only option i had was to convert them to standard drives and back affectively destroying all data. (Which is why we have backup servers) They were completely toast and my XP was toast (I couldn’t even boot into safe mode) and I had nothing to loose now, I already had a whack of reinstalling to do, so I reinstalled OSX86 instead. I haven’t ran OSX on my computer since I upgraded in the fall. And well, after a little bit of trial and error I have a complete working OSX Machine on my Intel PC. All my software works, all my drives work, and with the exception of my sound that may need an after market driver all my hardware works on install. I think it is totally hilarious that OSX works better on my PC then Vista! Screen shots to come. Funny thing is all the shit that Vista is supposed to bring to us new and fresh has been on the Mac for ever. Fancy windowing and dashboard widgets have been on a Mac for ever. And Man O man is this fast. I have twice the hardware of a normal Mac and it runs smooth and sweet. It uses every ounce of my 4g’s of ram and smokes though everything I toss at it. Sweet deal I tell ya.