Today I am going to talk about the best/cheap lens you can buy for your Nikon FX (full frame) camera The AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX Lens! Nikon35mmdxlens But wait you say, ‘this is a DX lens, if you use it on your FX camera wont evil demons erupt from the earth like it is Sunnydale High and the Mayor has just finished eating a shit tonne of really big black spider bug things?

Well it is true this is a DX lens meaning I would have to shoot my FX camera in DX (crop) mode and it is then basically a 50mm lens. Unless of course you turn all that off and just mount it as is. Hit Menu –> go down to shooting menu –> go down to image area –> Turn Auto DX crop OFF.

Nikon35mmdx-shooting-Menu Nikon35mmdx-AutoDX-Crop-offWhat this does is makes all DX lenses shoot the full FX full frame format. Now this works for this particular lens but most other DX lenses this will fail miserably so remember the setting if your regularly use other DX lenses.

I can hear your next rebuttal now. But won’t it vignette on the sides of the lens because it isn’t covering the whole frame? YES!!! it will but that is exactly what makes it so freaking awesome!

Nikon35mmdx01 Don’t Get me wrong if you were to shoot this lens stopped way down you are going to get a defiant circle around the edges of your frame. Nikon35mmdxvin But shoot this lens at f/4.5 and lower and those distinct black circles just become an awesome Holgaesque vignette that can accentuate the subject and ‘finish’ the photo edges.


I know I hear you but.. but… but… that is a sub $250 lens, how good of a lens could it really be? Believe it or not Because this lens is a prime it is really quite sharp. In fact the DXO ratings have it on par with some other much more expensive lenses. Nikon35mmdxDXOrate

As well as being sharp it has a really nice hard to describe bokeh.

I love the look and feel that this lens gives us for regular run of the mill sub f/5.6 shooting and the price is certainly right :)
nikon 35mm DX on full frame = Awesome

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