So I know that this is both cliché and a day late but I thought I would do a best of, worst of plan to do more of, list for 2007 mostly because I am not very exciting and not interested in working today. So let’s get started shall we.


Best New to me band/artist discovered in 2007 – Well I would have to say that this is a hard one! I will have to say it’s a tossup between Tokyo Police Club and You Say Party We Say Die! (who are playing in Jan BTW) I will say You Say Party We Say Die as because …
Best New album of 2007 –
…Tokyo Police Club’s Album A lesson in Crime truly rocked! Even if it’s not much of an album more of a seven song EP!
Best Show of 2007 – Well hands down I would have to say The Arcade Fire show at Deer Lake Park! The Arcade Fire didn’t really come up very often in my play list before this show. They were a good band but for some reason I really just couldn’t get into them! Then in a whirlwind of other great shows at Deer Lake Park that month Arcade Fire came along and showed them all how it was done!


Best movie – well considering that I haven’t really watched more than 5 movies this will be skewed. I would have to say Sarah Polly’s Movie Away From Her. Awesome movie that really sticks out in my mind!
Worst Movie –
Well I haven’t watched a lot as I said and nothing is really sticking out in my mind as an obvious stinker, I will think about it and get back to you!


Top 5 Favorite blogged photos of 2007 – Well these aren’t necessarily the best photos that I have taken just the 5 best blogged ones!

Best photo shoot – Well I have to say that they are all great! I know that this is a copout answer but I and supreme dictator in these parts so that is what you get!

Best New Camera

Other stuff!

Wish I had done more of – Both photo wandering, and photo processing. I know that the second part sounds funny to those that know me being that my year was spent 96% in front of Photoshop and DPP but hear me out. I have about six to seven hundred gig of photos taken over the last few years that I haven’t even looked at not once! I have taken them and placed them neatly in folders on my computer, but I have never seen them not once!
Wish I had done less of – Fighting with computers! I lost probably the better part of a month this year fighting with computer issues. That a lot of time, and Microsoft I would like it back!
Silliest thing I bought this year – Well hands down that would be my kayak! Yup I am an owner of a 3000 dollar Kayak that I have used once! I bought it in the spring when I still had delusions that there was going o be time in our lives! Well that didn’t really go anywhere! This year for sure!
Best thing that I bought this year – Well Hands down Sassy Sally Scooterson! For sure that has provided me with the most joy one can have in 2600km’s.