I am often on these adventures alone. And I know what you are thinking, never wheel alone. Well I do because It is hard to find people to go with all the time and if you are really super prepared and people know where you are going and what you are up to, wheeling alone can be pretty safe. 

That said If I get into the technical stuff it sucks to not have a spotter to see what you can’t. I have added a bunch of cameras all over the jeep to help my eyes and let me see the terrain and obstacles without having to get out and look all the time. 

This camera was the first that I added and it is mounted on the bottom of the front bumper and lets me see what is directly in front of the Jeep. Which can be super helpful with the deep sharp washouts where you can’t see the bottom before they are obscured by the hood.

I have tried many cheap ‘backup’ style cameras but the only ones that have lasted are these Coolint ones. This one only broke because I tightened the backing nut too tight and even if the trail did bust them at just around $20 or less a camera I can’t complain. 

The Camera attaches with some double sided sticky tape and a nut and lock washer, I just feed this cable up along the winch control cables and power. This camera is connected to the ‘video in’ on my JVC head unit.

All in all this is a pretty decent setup that allows me to see things that I wouldn’t normally be able to from the driver’s seat!