So I am now in Dryden Ontario. Which is a lot farther then I thought that I would get. I am parked at a Husky in a parking lot in a puddle, and I am getting ready to crash out for the night. I am finding this car sleeping thing to be working out pretty good thus far and I haven’t even blown up the air mattress yet :) I am nice and cozy in the back and I am getting ready to have a better night’s sleep then the last. I was parked in the legislature grounds in Regina in what I thought an out of the way street with no one around but I had people all around my car all night I am sure that I didn’t roll over every time there was some near the car they would have tried to steal it. A car with out of province plates is a good target I guess. I am sure that it will be better tonight for I am in a well lit parking lot with lots of 24 hour people around and I am parked in a large puddle :)
Well I am tired and I still need to find my cell phone charger.