As I mentioned yesterday I am going to do a Covid project of starting at the beginning and posting these nearly two decades of photos to the other mediums like Instagram and Facebook etc. :) So get ready because Everyday is going to be Throwback Thursday for me! ?

This photo takes us back to February 15th 2003 where anti-War Protests took place across Canada and the world, the biggest of which in Canada was in Montreal with about 250,000 people gathering and shutting down streets across the city. Here in Edmonton we had around 18,000 gather at the Alberta legislature to say ‘war no more’. ?
This is still in my early days of film shooting with one camera and one “nifty 50” What this photo taught me was to ‘zoom with my feet’ I remember saying to my Friend Mike that I wish I had a longer zoom lens for my Borrowed Pentax K1000 Film camera then just the nifty 50 that was on it. While I was lamenting this perceived plight an older guy standing near us said those famous words. “Just zoom with your feet. Get in there and be part of the action.“ Something that I took to heart and have done for my entire career, in fact my entire life, get in there and be part of it all and always remember to Zoom with your feet. ?