So it is Sunday and here I am at work. I am getting paid time and a half to be here and I am feeling pretty good about that. I have been mostly absent over the last few weeks, absent on my blog, my email, in fact I have been mostly absent from my life in general. Mostly due to a constant ichey ill flu type feeling that has been basically incapacitating me for the last while. But I resolve to say fuck you to the flu like symptoms and I will them to leave me alone because I am tired of being sick. So I am going to will my body to kick this shit to the curb and forget that I have been sick altogether. I figure that a good way to begin this self imposed regiment of health and splender is to start blogging again, so here I am, shitty grammar and all.

We bought studio lights since my last post and well while they are fantastic we are questioning the purchase of this particular brand. The set of lights that we bought are 500 watt Opus lights, they are are fantastic, well they are Fantastic when they are working I should say. They decided to stop working in the middle of a photo shoot where we had a number of models who had spent an hour each getting hair and makeup done only to have no lights to shoot with. So we took them back in to Carousal Photo (where we bought them) and they are going to send the lights in to the manufacture to see what’s wrong. No big deal, they gave us a loaner set on studio lights to use, so no problem right? Well what makes us question the actual brand of lights is the loner set, which is the same brand as our newly purchased lights, have a problem right out of the box. MMMMmmm….. I am not sure if this is a good sign or not.
But ya I am almost done work so I go away now and i will post more later