So here is the situation. You are walking along a street with your camera, and I mean you have your camera in your actual hand as you camera in your camera bag (no matter how awesome it is) tends to not really be helpful. So you are wandering along and you see something that you want to take a photo of, you are ready, click! BAM Photo taken! You move on with your day! You look at the photo and say to yourself, “Yup that is the photo that I wanted to take.” Job complete, right?

Now let’s say that the next week you find yourself walking directly past that same thing and like last week you diligently have your camera in your hand. Do you look and say to yourself “Well I already took a photo of that no need to do it again right? Or do you take the photo again? 

For me personally I will often take a photo of the same thing on many different occasions. I find looking at all the ways you can capture something is not only a great way to learn and grow as a photographer but even if you are taking the exact same photo over time it will inevitably be a different photo as the light will be different or you may have a different camera or lens the next time round. 

So your first photo is not always your best photo

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